Culture Colombo’s most popular dishes

Food anywhere in the world is known for one crucial aspect and it is said that “food brings out the culture of whatever the destination you are in”. At Culture Colombo we have literally taken the aforementioned common saying by serving a range of delectable “Sri Lankan cuisine in Colombo”.

To find “Authentic Sri Lanka cuisine” in the heart of Colombo is not a daunting task but definitely to find a restaurant that serves scrumptious Sri Lankan cuisine in a cozy, bespoke atmosphere is unique to come across.

We at Culture Colombo serve some of Sri Lanka’s signature dishes that brings out the true Sri Lankan culture, life style, hospitality and flavor that brings out our unique Sri Lankan pallet.

Some of the signature dishes served at Culture Colombo are;

Culture Colombo Tasting Basket (an enticing basket of everything Sri Lankan ranging from Hoppers, Pittu, Roti, Koththu served with a Fish and chicken curry, three different Sambals, Pol Kiri (as gravy to go with Pittu), Sugar (for those who eat any of aforementioned with a dash of sugar – a very typical Lankan way) and Ginger beer for drinks for just LKR 2750.  )

Then there is the Lankan staple Rice & Curry (Served with either red / White Rice, 03 Vegetable curries, Mallum or salad, Sinhala Achcharu / Lime Pickle / Male Pickle for just LKR 375). If You are not the Sri Lankan foodie seeking for the typical rice and curry you still have more rice options covered with the Fried Rice (Chicken, Mutton, fish and prawn), Bamboo Biryani, Lamprais and Kachal Rice.

Apart from the typical rice dishes in our dinner menu you can try out some of the other Sri Lankan dishes such as Pittu, String hoppers, Koththu, Pol Rotti and Hoppers paired with some very Sri Lankan Curries (Yes ! when in Sri Lanka Curry is Life)

After an Authentic Sri Lankan meal Dessert is a must have. Some of the Signature desserts that will blow your mind are Hopper Mousse (3 scoops of mousse served on a delicious Pani appa), Biscuit Pudding, Curd & Treacle.

Come Dine with us and we promise you a typical Sri Lankan Dinning experience. Our little space is authentic, down-to-earth and we truly speak to the heart of Sri Lankans with our hospitality. Culture Colombo definitely is geared to bring the Cultural uniqueness of Sri Lanka through the amazing food and we assure you that you will leave with a remarkably satisfied meal and Service.

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